Can I Have The AUX: Top 5 of 2017

2017 was a huge year for music. We got new Drake and Kendrick, albums that gave us those college party staples, Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow” happened, Miley went through her latest transformation in Younger Now, and Taylor Swift’s Reputation got so much buzz that it seemed it was the only thing the internet was talking about for days.

Out of all of the albums that were dropped this year, I’ve somehow narrowed it down to my top 5, which all ended up being either rap or pop albums (fancy that!). So without further ado, in no particular order:


Khalid — American Teen

At only 19 years old, Khalid made quite the entrance into music with this album. It’s soulful and fun, and his sounds is uniquely his. My favorites are “American Teen,” which is a little bit 80’s sounding with a strong beat and catchy melody, and “8TEEN” for its upbeat yet chill vibe.

Halsey — Hopeless Fountain Kingdom 

I was just turned onto Halsey recently though her new album dropped in the beginning of June. Hopeless Fountain Kingdom is a concept album that tells a Romeo and Juliet style story, which is explained in the first track, The Prologue. Two of the tracks, “Now or Never” and “Bad at Love,” have taken the radio by storm and rightfully so, proving that she can produce both an artful album and Top 40 hits.

G-Eazy — The Beautiful and Damned 

This was a highly anticipated album for me after falling in love with G’s sophomore album, When It’s Dark Out. Unlike that album, The Beautiful and Damned is a concept album based off of the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald and it depicts the duality of life in the limelight. Its 20 songs are told from two perspectives: G-Eazy the rapper and Gerald the guy. There are some awesome collabs, including a record with Halsey called “Him & I” that is undoubtedly my favorite song off the album (although the radio has its hands on it now which…gah.)

P!nk — Beautiful Trauma 

P!nk is so incredibly underrated!!!! I loved her back when I was little, back in the time of Don’t Let Me Get Me and Just Like a Pill. After that, to be completely honest, I totally forgot about her until she gave that beautiful speech about her daughter at this year’s VMA’s. I went back and listened to this album (her SEVENTH!) and remembered why I ever liked her in the first place.

Ed Sheeran — Divide 

This was another super exciting release for me because Ed Sheeran has been my absolute favorite artist since essentially the dawn of time. Divide is completely different than his first two albums; it carries a wide array of sounds from soft and sweet in “Perfect,” and “Supermarket Flowers” to folky and Irish in “Nancy Mulligan.” I think this is his best record yet and really showcases how versatile and talented he is as an artist (Sidenote, I just got it on vinyl and *insert heart eye emoji*). I’m curious to see where he takes his next album (assuming there will be a fourth to finish the series he has begun with Plus, Multiply, and Divide) because he has proven himself as able to do anything.



I’m excited for what 2018 will bring us! Rumor has it that Pearl Jam is putting together something which I’m incredibly pumped about considering their last album came out in TWO THOUSAND AND THIRTEEN!!! Also, I’m patiently (or not-so-patiently) waiting on new music from Chance the Rapper…c’mon, Chance!

That’s all for now 🙂

xx, Chloe


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