10 Beauty Mistakes We Hate Our Pre-Teen-Selves For

I’ve been infatuated with makeup for as long as I can remember. My earliest memory consists of sitting silently on my big cousin’s bed watching intently as she applied bronzer with a big fluffy brush and curled her lashes before going out with friends on a Saturday night. I used to absolutely love it when she’d give me makeovers and let me wear her lipgloss — it was so much fun.

I started wearing makeup in the fifth grade and, honestly, just thinking about it gives me the chills. I was so obsessed with it but had ZERO clue what to do with it or how to apply it so I looked perpetually uh…..terrifying. Growing up is awkward in and of itself, but add both an obsession with makeup and a lack of knowledge of all things beauty and you get a real, genuine trainwreck.

Here are 10 beauty mistakes we all hate our pre-teen-selves for (and that make looking back on those pictures so cringey)

  1. Raccoon eyes. My very first makeup mistake: black pencil liner on the waterline…and that’s it. No top liner, no mascara, nothing. Just a fifth grader and her Maybelline pencil .
  2. Attempting a cut crease before knowing what a cut crease really is. I still can’t do a good cut crease look so the fact that this was something I attempted back when I owned one makeup brush is beyond scary. I’m so thankful that there aren’t any pictures of this…
  3. Not using a shadow primer. Not an extraordinarily vital step in my makeup routine anymore (now I usually just use a dab of concealer to prime my lids) but back in my pre-teen days I needed a primer. My lids were so oily that that fabulous cut crease look I was just talking about ended up creased and smeared all over the place….not! cute!
  4. Picking the wrong foundation shade. There’s absolutely nothing worse than a face that’s either way lighter or way darker than your neck. In my case, my foundation was always way too light and gave me that fierce, Casper the Friendly Ghost look.
  5. Using brushes that come with drugstore shadow palettes. Back then I had no idea what a real makeup brush looked like because all I used was those little sponge-tip applicators that came with drugstore palettes. I can’t help but giggle because who ever thought those were a good way of applying eyeshadow?
  6. Bronzing with too orangey of a color and throwing that stuff all over, not just in the contour areas like a normal person.
  7. Scrunched hair. Why on God’s green earth was this the trend? I’d put so much gel and gunk in my hair that it looked wet….and I thought it was cute???
  8. Not shaking out/combing through your curls so you’re left with super tight ringlets with no shape or body whatsoever. It was even worse when you curled the pieces in the front towards your face and made it look like you had ringlet curl curtains…
  9. Using concealer to cover acne. This never worked and I don’t know why I thought it would/did. It did absolutely nothing but create cake face which drew more attention to the breakouts. One time I even tried a green color correcting concealer and I’m sure you can imagine how that turned out :/
  10. Side bangs. Need I say more?


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