Can I Have the AUX: Fall 2017

I’m not really one to make seasonal playlists; I usually stick to yearly ones organized by my age in which I compile everything I listen to throughout the year. The only season I find myself ever making particular playlists for is Fall. For whatever reason, there’s a certain sound I’m drawn to once the weather starts cooling down and I love playlists that consist of solely that sound so that I can just click shuffle and enjoy.

I don’t think there’s an all-encompassing adjective to describe this playlist (it’s kind of all over the place genre-wise, which maybe is to be expected because that’s how my music usually is). “Folky” maaaybe starts to get at it but not every song is folky; “mellow” sort of works but, again, not every song is mellow. So I’d best describe it as “my go-to playlist as I sit at my desk, light a candle, and sip on a chai tea in my favorite sweater” playlist. Eh?

So anyway, what I did here was provide a little explanation of my top 11 songs in the playlist (was supposed to be 10 but I just wasn’t satisfied with that) and at the bottom you’ll find a link to the Spotify playlist itself if you want you check out the rest of it for some more fall music inspo. 🙂


Free Fallin’: John Mayer – I’ve always had a soft spot for John Mayer’s version of this classic and I suppose it was the death of Tom Petty that resurfaced it for me. John Mayer has a way of making everything sound so effortless, and that ease together with Petty’s poeticism is what makes this cover so amazing.  

Conversation Piece: Kings of Leon – I’ve been obsessed with Kings of Leon’s most recent album since it dropped about a year ago and I’ve had a few favorite tracks along the way but this one is the one that’s sticking out to me right now. It’s pretty mellow overall but has a soft build about halfway through and a little more towards the end that adds a little somethin’ somethin’. Kings of Leon never disappoints and if you haven’t checked out their latest album, WALLS, I totally recommend that you do.

Sweet Creature: Harry Styles  — What else must I say besides Harry Styles? His new album is SO different from what he did in One Direction (the two aren’t even in the same universe) and let me just say, I never want to see One Direction Harry again. This whole rock’n’roll thing he’s got going on WORKS – the entire album is amazing. I picked this particular song for this playlist because of its simplicity and heartfelt lyrics but the album as a whole is so well-rounded, solid, and not what you’d expect from a former boyband member.

Figures: Jessie Reyez  — This one is one of those break-up/revenge/”I deserve better” type of songs and it’s a jam. Without much instrumentals, you’re able to really hear Jessie Reyez’s voice which is super unique and adds a lot of depth to the lyrics. I love the simplicity of this song.

Basket Case: Bastille – Okay. I was driving when I first heard this cover on my local radio station’s “Under the Cover” segment and I nearly had to pull over just to listen to it. Bastille took Green Day’s 1994 hit and put such an unexpected spin on it that I find so stinkin’ cool. They kept the integrity of the song but made it completely their own and I can’t help but love that.

Creep: Kina Grannis – I adore this cover of the Radiohead classic. Kina Grannis’ voice is so soft and raw which adds a really cool dimension to the song and I find myself singing this one in the shower a lot lol

Praying: Kesha – Kesha’s comeback track!! It’s a bit of a heavier one but it’s so good. You can hear how nice her voice really is which wasn’t so much the case in her Tik-Tok phase. As far as comebacks go, I’d say she’s making a great one.

The Loudest Silence: Maurice Moore – the best part about this song is Ted Mosby’s love monologue that opens and closes. Smashed between that is a couple of sweet R&B-esque verses that are super catchy.

Flowers in Your Hair: The Lumineers – Off of their 2012 self-titled album, this song really captures that folky sound that I love, especially during the fall time. The Lumineers make up a large portion of this playlist for that same reason, but Flowers in Your Hair is my favorite 🙂

Clay: Grace VanderWaal – I just discovered Grace VanderWaal but she’s quickly becoming one of my favorites, as is this song. I love its poetics and the whole clay metaphor she’s able to develop. Her music is really simple — her voice, which is so striking and powerful, is usually accompanied by a quiet piano or ukulele – and that really captured my attention.

Everybody Lost Somebody: Bleachers – This is undoubtedly the most unique song on this list and I’m not even sure what it is that I love about it. In no way does it fit the trend of this playlist but I felt I had to include it because I can’t stop listening to it. I have a love/hate relationship with Bleachers – some of their stuff I just don’t have a taste for and others I just can’t get enough of and this is one that I tend to overplay. It’s a little weird but I think that’s part of why I like it.


Link to playlist:

xx, Chloe

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