College Room Tour

The beginning of my second year of college is quickly approaching and after two entire semesters of dorm-life, I am beyond thrilled to be moving into my first place. Don’t get me wrong, dorming was cool for what it was — it’s a social experience I think every first year student should experience — but I’m so ready to be living in my own house under my own rules with my three best friends.

After two weekends of moving and a lot of help from Mom + Dad, I’m all settled. It was a crazy experience full of putting together IKEA furniture and arranging + rearranging it but I am so happy with the way it turned out. I wasn’t sure how I was going to work with the red accent wall but my mom and I put our heads together and came up with this boho style decor that I’m absolutely in love with.

My bedding is from Bed Bath & Beyond and I think the touch of red ties in perfectly with the accent wall. I don’t have much room for a real headboard because of the slanted walls so instead we hung an over-the-door mirror in its place and you can’t even tell the difference (gotta make do with what ya have, right?).

Storage was a huge concern for me (I have a lot of stuff) so I got this cube storage unit from Target. It was super easy to assemble (way easier than anything you’d fine from IKEA) and the three bins are perfect for socks and Pittsburgh winter necessities like gloves and scarves.

Also in the name of storage, I got this clothing rack from Target to hang my most worn items. There’s a closet in the hallway outside of my room for the rest of my clothes but having this handy is nice for getting ready in a hurry.

The most eye-catching part of my room is my elephant tapestry from hung above my IKEA dresser. It adds so much to the boho vibes I was going for and I’m obsessed with it. On top of the dresser is a small desk organizer that I got from Target to store all of my everyday products.

An organized desk is key for me as a college student. My desk is from Target and has a huge drawer inside which I have a bunch of acrylic organizers from Bed Bath & Beyond to compartmentalize. The set of three red and blue drawers is from Earthbound and I’ll use it to store various papers, assignments, and exams. My three little succulent friends are from Terrain in Glen Mills and bring a little life to my desk area.

Overall I’m so happy with the way my room turned out. It really does feel like home and I am so excited to have my own space that looks and feels exactly the way I want it to. I have none other to thank but my parents for all of this so shoutout to you Mom + Dad.

I’m so grateful for this experience and cannot wait to share with you whatever is to come within the next few months. Stay tuned 🙂


xx, Chloe

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