Can I Have the AUX?

Music is a huge part of my life. From Dad turning up Sinatra while cooking french toast on Sunday mornings to car rides with the windows down blasting Pearl Jam, rarely was I  surrounded by silence growing up. There was and still is always music playing — even just as background noise — no matter what I’m doing.

My parents were teenagers in the 90’s so I was proudly raised on the Seattle grunge sound — mostly Pearl Jam + Nirvana. When people find out that those are two of my all-time favorite bands they’re shocked because admittedly, I don’t fit the bill as a fan of grunge music. I mean, come on, I’m a petite college-aged girl who lived in a bright pink bedroom all her life, grew up in a pink tutu and ballet slippers, and loves literature and makeup. I’m not exactly what comes to mind when you think of a typical Nirvana fan. It’s just in my blood I suppose!

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The soundtrack of my life is eclectic. Grunge is a huge part of it, yes, but I have a passion and admiration for all genres of music — even country music, which up until recently I said basically that if I ever become a fan of country please just drop me off in the middle of nowhere and let me die (I know it’s an unpopular opinion…like I said, I was raised on grunge so cut me some slack). But alas, here we are. I love everything: alternative rock, top 40 pop, singer-songwriter, rap + hiphop, and yeah, country too. What I love even more is sharing what I’m listening to with my friends + family because there’s no greater feeling in the world than discovering your new favorite song.

So here are the songs I would play if you gave me the AUX in hopes that one of them will become one of your new favorites:

“The Man” — The Killers. An upbeat, “I love myself” kind of song. Perfect for a confidence boost or when you’re feelin extra good.

“The Louvre” — Lorde. My favorite track off of her new album Melodrama. Lorde’s lyrics are genius, but this song in particular strikes an extra special cord for me. There’s also some super cool dynamics thrown in there that make it just generally really fun to listen to.

“Benny and the Jets” — The Red One Rocketman. I just watched 27 Dresses which may have something to do with this oldie but goodie being in my playlist right now. It’s a bop, don’t @ me.

“1998” — Chet Faker + Banks. Kind of sounds like a song you’d hear in Forever 21 but I can’t help but do a little dance to the beginning beats. Both of their voices are really unique and sound super cool on this song.

“Angels” — Chance the Rapper (feat. Saba). Now if you can’t get down to Chance, I’m sorry but you’ll have to fix that. This song and his entire Coloring Book album TOTALLY BOPS and I’m so ready for him to release new music! And he’s adorable so that’s a plus.

“Another Day in Paradise” — Quinn XCII. Make summer last as long as possible with this one. It’s such a fun, summer song perfect for a beach day! Good vibes only.

“Skin” — Rag’n’Bone Man. The first time I heard this song was when Rag’n’Bone Man performed it live at my local alternative rock radio station’s Birthday Show and it caught my attention. His voice is sooooo cool and I love feelings he sings about in this.

“Million Bucks” — Smallpools. A good one to dance around alone in your room to. An upbeat, fun, feel-good jam!


Follow my Spotify if you want more (@chloeburkart)! I hope you enjoyed this and found at least one song you like! As always, thanks for being here!


xx, Chloe

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