Best of Beauty – August 2017

Ooh I’m excited about this post! As a lover of all things beauty + makeup, I try a lottttttt of products — some that have worked and some that, unfortunately, have not. Here’s my list of  this month’s Best of Beauty!

**Disclaimer: I purchase all of my own products so much of what you’ll see is from the drugstore (most commonly CVS) or brands with drugstore prices. Your girl is on a college student budget, let’s be real, and drugstore brands are def upping their formula game!


Covergirl Outlast All-Day Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation 

Now that’s a mouthful! I’m super fair skinned so I get the shade “Ivory” which I believe is the lightest shade they have. This foundation is medium coverage but can be built up to full without looking cakey which is what I love the most about it. It has a matte finish which is perfect for my oily T-zone, and it doesn’t pick up on my dry patches in my drier areas. It’s also super long-wearing because of it’s 3 in 1 quality (it has a primer, foundation, and concealer built in) and has SPF 20 which is a bonus!

Buy here!

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer 

This is my only mid-high end product and the only reason I splurged on it was because I hadn’t been able to find a drugstore concealer that performed to my standards. If you follow any online beauty influencers like Jeffree Star, Laura Lee, or Manny MUA, you have probably heard all the rage on this concealer already. It’s long wearing, super creamy, has amazing coverage, and DOESN’T CREASE! What more could you ask for…besides a drugstore price tag :// But it’s totally worth the extra few bucks because you’re paying for amazing quality that you just can’t find in a drugstore concealer.

Buy here!

Covergirl Professional Loose Powder in Translucent Fair 

I use this powder to set my under-eyes, the creases of my nose, and around my mouth in my smile-lines. I initially bought it for the purpose of baking those areas but have found it to not work so beautifully for that, but it’s great to use as just a setting powder. I apply it in those areas with my Real Techniques sponge and let it sit while I fill in my brows, then dust the excess around the rest of my face to set the entire thing. It keeps my skin matte and my makeup looking bomb all day!

Buy here!

Colourpop Sheer Shock Cheek Palette: Here Comes the Sun 

This blush + highlight duo was, unfortunately, discontinued but it has outstanding quality and pigmentation. It’s the only Colourpop face product I’ve ever tried and I’m certainly going to be purchasing another. The prices are amazing and the quality is even better! The highlighter gives a natural glow — not super blinding, but enough to look naturally radiant which is my favorite look — and the peachy blush gives a subtle flush to the cheeks. I can’t wait to try out more face products from this brand!

Shop Colourpop highlight + blush!

Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip: Aquarius 

To keep with the Colourpop trend, their satin liquid lip formula is to the gods! It’s super velvety and smooth, non-drying, and long lasting! It gets a little streaky upon first application but with a little effort you can achieve a full coverage look. You really can’t beat it for the price!

Buy here!

Morphe Brushes

The best makeup brushes for the best price. I recently purchased five new brushes (B31 bronzer brush, E60 fan brush, B18 bullet crease brush, M139 tapered crease brush, M153 shader brush) and I can’t say enough good things about them. They apply my powders flawlessly and do an amazing job at blending seamlessly. They’re super affordable and many online beauty influencers have discount codes for a little extra off! Check them out, seriously!

Shop Morphe brushes here!

Morphe 35R Palette 

Another Morphe product, another bang for your buck. This brand kills it with both the quality and the price tag! This palette has 18 mattes, 15 high-shimmers, and 2 satin shadows in warm browns, golds, and bronze-y shades. You can create SO MANY looks with it and it’s perfect heading into the fall season. All of the Morphe palettes are incredible with extreme pigmentation and limited fall-out. Get one, you won’t regret it!

Buy here!

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

For the longest time I didn’t use makeup remover wipes…I just went in with my face wash and scrubbed it all off, but that left me with some icky residue which is no good for your skin! So I finally caved and purchased these Simple ones. They’re super gentle on my sensitive skin and remove all traces of my makeup so that my cleanser doesn’t have to double duty as my makeup remover. My skin looks a ton better since I began incorporating these handy dandy wipes into my routine!

Buy here!


That’s all I got for you this month! If you have any recommendations of products you think I should try, let me know in the comments! As always, thanks for stopping by!


xx, Chloe

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